Research to be done on a number of Knees who were incarcarated on prison ships and subsequently deported ‘down under’.

Here are 2 examples. Transportation at this time could be the sentence for crimes ranging from stealing

a chicken to robbery with violence.

Convicted at: Somerset Assizes
Sentence term: Life
Ship: Moffatt
Departure date: 10th August, 1842
Arrival date*: 10th April, 1843
Place of arrival Van Diemen’s Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 390 other convicts

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Name: James Knee
Age: 20
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1822
Date of Trial: 28 Mar 1842
Trial Year: 1842
Location of Trial: Somerset, England
Sentence: Transportation
Name: Joseph Knee
Age: 18
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1822
Date of Trial: 10 Apr 1840
Trial Year: 1840
Location of Trial: Somerset, England
Sentence: Transportation

13 thoughts on “Deportation and Australian Knees

  1. am a descendant of James knee who was transported to Tasmania from Wiltshire in the 1830’s. I have records re James and his descendants

    • Hi Kenneth , sorry the delay in responding. Thanks for the offer… shall have to retrieve my family history from the depths of the bookcase and familiarise my self with it again. I did go throught the records in Trowbridge years ago and visit Seend and Bromham.. Shall get onto this, most likely in the New Year. .All the best

  2. Am descended from Daniel Knee born 1809. At age 15 he was capitally convicted in the Gloucester Assizes of ‘feloniously stabbing Robert Thomas, with a knife, at Whaddon’. He was sentenced to deportation for life to Australia, and transported in 1826. His parents were Daniel Knee and Elizabeth Wicks, and that’s as far back as we have been able to go. It would be great to get into contact with English descendants, or to find some earlier information. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Rob…looking forward to hearing more. Mum has done considerable research here and written a book – more ‘faction’ than absolute fact, because the people and what happened to them are real as far as family secrets would allow, and more has come to light since. I am heading down to her today so can get records of the Australian side to add. Thanks again.

  4. Karen,
    I have found a Daniel Knee who married Elizabeth Wicks in Stroud Gloucestershire in 1805 with son Daniel born May 1810 according to this record. Daniel was a fairly rare Knee first name and yet I haven’t been able to find Daniel’s father as yet. I explain on the site how the Knees may have migrated from Wiltshire to Gloucestershire.

  5. Hi
    I’m descended from the convict James Knee, deported to Tasmania. Would be great to have any info. I have Tasmanian info about him.


    • Hi San

      A quick look reveals that James was probably born in Baydon, Wilts (Christened there 20th July 1823) His parents Isaac and `Elizabeth were married there in 1820. Isaac Knee was born in Aldbourne Wilts in May 1796 to parents James and Elizabeth. I will report back if I find any more. The chances are that the line will go back to the Bromham weavers

      Rob Knee

  6. Hi Rob,

    Another descendent of James Knee in Tasmania. I have some info and sharing with Douglas Forrest also in Tasmania. I think he has been in contact. I have been researching Anne Donnelly. James and Anne’s daughter Mary Anne was my gg grandmother.

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