Many Knees fell in The Great War including my grandfather George Creasey Knee (East Yorkshire Regiment, killed Arras 1917). His younger brother, HL Knee survived.

Below the names of Knees who served in WW1 (data from Forces War Records and not always complete)

1 Albert Knee Gunner from London 1917 Royal Field Artillery Killed 1917  
2 Alfred Abraham Knee Rifleman from London 1916 King’s Royal Rifle Corps Killed in Action (KIA)  
3 Archibald Clutterbuck Knee Private from Gloucs 1916 Gloucestershire Regiment Died at home  
4 Archibald Edward Knee Lance Corporal from Gloucs 1916 Wiltshire Regiment  Died of wounds  
5 Charles Edward Knee Serjeant from London 1915 Middlesex Regiment KIA  
7 Dennis Arthur Knee Gunner from Swindon 1917 Royal Marine Artillery  HMS Vanguard – killed by explosion at Scapa Flow  
8 Ephraim Charles Fredrick Knee Private from Gloucester 1918 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Died of Wounds  
9 Frederick Lowman Knee Bombardier from Southampton 1916 Royal Garrison Artillery KIA  
10 Garnet Knee Driver from Devizes 1917 Died Royal Field Artillery  
11 George Knee Lance Corporal from Sussex 1917 Royal Sussex Regiment KIA  
 12 George Creasey Knee Captain from Hull 1917  KIA East Yorkshire Regiment  
13 Harry Knee Petty Officer 1st Class from Brighton 1916 Died HMS MacEdonia  
14 Melville Victor Knee Driver from Trowbridge 1917 Died South African Service Corps  
15 Reginald Knee Private from Notts 1917 Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire And Derbyshire Regiment KIA
16 Walter Claude Knee Corporal from Bristol 1918 Died Royal Field Artillery  
17 William Alfred Knee Corporal from Devizes 1914 Wiltshire Regiment Died  
18 William Edward Ewart Knee Private 1918 Royal Marine Light Infantry dishcarged  
19 William George Knee Able Seaman 1918  
20 A S Knee Bombardier 1919 Mentioned in Despatches Royal Field Artillery  
21 C A Knee 2nd Lieutenant 1918 Machine Gun Corps  
22 E C Knee Air Mechanic 3rd Class 1918
23 E T Knee Lance Corporal 1917 Died. West Yorkshire Regiment  
24 H J Knee Lieutenant 1918 Hertfordshire Regiment  
25 Henry Leslie Knee 2nd Lieutenant from Bristol 1917 Royal Garrison Artillery  
26 H.R. Knee Air Mechanic 2nd Class 1918 Royal Air Force  
27 L.W.J. Knee Private 1918 Royal Air Force  
28 M Knee 1917 Missing Royal Newfoundland Regiment  
29 P A Knee Ship’s Chief Cook 1916 HMS Victory  
30 P.H. Knee 2nd Lieutenant 1918 Royal Garrison Artillery
1 S Knee Private 1916 Died Wiltshire Regiment  
32 W J Knee Lieutenant 1918 Royal Army Medical Corps  
33 W J Knee Staff Sergeant 1918 Royal Army Medical Corps  
34 W J Knee Quartermaster Serjeant 1918 Royal Army Medical Corps  
35 W.H Knee Lieutenant 1916 Royal Engineers

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