A correspondent from the USA has very kindly shared this information with me:
Y-DNA – I convinced my brother to allow me to test his Y-DNA with Family Tree DNA. The haplogroup results were I-M253. 

There is a strong chance that the descendants of Robert Knee of Bromham (The common Knee ancestor as far as I can discover) will share this haplogroup. M253 is the oldest group in Europe and apparently migrated from Scandinavia to Germany and thence to England as part of the Anglo Saxon colonisation from the 5th century. This colonisation covered the East (Angles) and the South  of England (Saxons). Around a third of Britain is M253. Much of the rest of the country is group R1b originating from Iberia.


Possibly Knees settled in Wessex which was defended by Alfred against more recent Viking invaders in the 9th century.

I have recently completed a basic  Autosomal Ancestry DNA test. This test covers both parents and give some indication of regional origins.

The basic outcome of the test indicates broad sources and averages. My DNA results indicate an average ethnic reading for someone from Britain- 61% (although this average represents a wide statistical band). 24% comes from European origins and 9 % from Scandinavian origins. There is but a trace of Irish – less than 1%.