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Arras Town Exhibitions










On April 9th I hope to be standing in the Memorial Square at Arras at the dawn commemoration of the battle that began there on April 9th 1917. I shall be remembering my grandfather George Creasey Knee who took part in the battle and  was subsequently killed a few weeks later at Monchy le Preux. I shall be accompanied by my wife , George’s nephew Peter Knee and his wife.

At dawn on the 9th April 1917, thousands of troops emerged from the tunnels beneath the town. Canadians headed north to take the infamous Vimy Ridge, the British headed east towards Cambrai. The first days of the battle saw some of the greatest advances of any campaign, however, advantage was soon lost and the battle became, by rate of casualties for each day of the action, the bloodiest of the whole war.

I shall also be remembering the courage of the Canadians of the  Newfoundland Regiment, (with 3 Knees in their ranks, 2 from Badgers Quay and one from Pools Island), who fought with exceptional courage at Monchy le Preux.





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